Unique complete device for flash data recovery
PC-3000 Flash

Professional Data Recovery Product for SSD and Flash drives

PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition – the newest professional hardware-software solution for recovering data from all types of Flash memory based storage devices (USB Flash, SD, MS, xD, MMC, CF, VoiceRecorder and SSD - Solid State Drives) when standard interface of such drives can't access data.

Physical and logical malfunctions of these flash memory based drives lead to damages in file system structure and service information. Playing the role of software translator when accessing the data, our solution recreates the algorithm of drive standard controller and restores the initial structure of data as a user has written them.

05.08.2014 PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition is divided into two products – PC-3000 Flash and PC-3000 SSD

The PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition is divided into two products – the PC-3000 Flash and the PC-3000 SSD. Each product is intended for one direction: the PC-3000 Flash for recovering data from Flash drives and the PC-3000 SSD for recovering data from SSD.

Such division makes the development of both products much more efficient and you will have more data recovery opportunities both for Flash drives and SSD.


28.05.2014 Rewarding the most active Global Solution Centre members

ACE Laboratory is thankful to all PC-3000 users for their efforts to add the new NAND solutions into our Global Solution Centre. We highly appreciate every minute of your time you spend to share your results.

We have made a decision to nominate and support the PC-3000 Flash users who contributed their efforts to provide
the numerous ready solutions for our Global Solution Centre.


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